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If you are a member you should be able to post blog entries. What do you think about adoptables? list some you love and some you hate and say why! What types do you like? how much do you spend? DO you think adoptables are stupid? Why?

If you can't make a journal or are not a member, comment with a link to your journal or send them to the group, I will collect them

you can hate adoptables, you can love them, you can have no idea what they are! join the conversation
I would like to make this a club not just for adoptables, but for artists who want to make their adoptables better

:bulletgreen: Finding your audience

1. naturals : some people like natural colors. The don't want a blue glowing dog, they want a one of a kind dog. this rule bends for hybrids, if you have a dog with feathers and color it like a blue jay its all good. These customers are not going to buy scenedogs or glowing rainbow dragons. They want puppies, kittens, ferrets etc

2. magpies : magpies are my term for adoptable customers that want anything pretty. Glowing dragons, glowing puppies, neon pink kittens. They can be picky, however. If you have a 2 black foxes, one with blue glowing stripes and one with green glowing stripes people will not be as interested because they are not as special. People buy adoptables when they go AWWWW or OOO PREETTYYYY hard enough. They buy when they go :icondragonwantplz:

3. character naturals : these customers are looking for interesting characters that aren't too over the top but still special. Elf archers, fox people. most furry characters. They see a design and think either OOOO that would fit my character perfect. or they think OOOO I bet I could use that etc etc. These people are looking for something specific but don't know what until they see it but when they do they are willing to spend a little more for it. Detailed clothes or tattoos or fur patterns help these adopts stand out from the crowd. They don't want a brown haired elf with a bow. They want a wardrobe and they want a character with personality instead of just a cardboard cutout that comes in 5 colors.

4. character magpies : ommmgggg its a rainboowww elf with hearts and sparkles and belts on her arrmmsssss I must buy her for she is shiny. The more bright colors, gems, sparkles etc the better. These people want an adoptable that makes them go WOAAAHHH YAAAYY ooooo prettttyyyy. These need to be well colored in and eye catching.

:bulletgreen: What to do

1. add your adoptables to as many groups as you can
2. find adopts of a similar quality/ animal as yours and see what the price range is so you can be competitive
3. seek out your audience! If you draw wolf adopts, go give llamas and comments to people who buy wolf adopts.
4. Start conversations with other adoptable artists and help each other. Other adoptable artists are your allies, not your enemies
5. make characters that speak for themselves. its not just a wolf, it is a wolf with hopes and dreams and pizazz. (yesthatisarealword)
You want it. you need it. you will buy it. :stare:
6. ask artists how many adoptables they make, how many they sell. Do all of them sell? Do they ever have to lower their prices? Do they set the price or do they auction them? Is it just for fun or does it become a serious source of income?
7. have fun
8. make your own lines. gives your practice, makes you look more professional and you end up with a large selection of options

:bulletgreen: What not to do

1. full pages of recolors. most people are not going to buy a pink cat or a green cat or a green cat with a single pink dot. It can get you more views, and sometimes people will buy them for one or two points. On the other hand, it can make you seem like a movice, or like you do not take it seriously

ugggg must.. keep.. writting... :icondragontired:

2. using line arts made by other artists without saying so. give credit where credit is due, or it will bite you in the butt later. and it's rude. the best lines are the ones you make yourself.
3. don't forget your adopts. always update your adoptables. Have a folder for open adopts and one for closed adopts if you must. let people see what you have made in the past, and what they have missed out on. It makes them curious about what will come next. I am guilt of not doing this myself. I should be neatly labeling adopts closed or open. Consistency and neatness makes you seem like a professional.
4. don't do sales on the adopt picture. I used to think slashing my price on the adoptable's page was a great idea. But it looks messy. I recommend putting the price in the title of the deviation and in the description. When you want a sale, you can make a journal and list them, and change prices when you need to. If an adoptable is worth buying it will be bought, at whatever price you put it up as.

:bulletgreen: links

forum posts about adoptables……………

:bulletgreen: tutorials

no. nap first. :icondragonsleep:
ok here we go
Adoptable Submission Tutorial by Gingko12Original Species Tutorial by Karijn-s-BasementGlowing Rainbow Mane Video Tutorial by TheFireGypsyAdoptables Matrix Tutorial by Karijn-s-BasementAdoptable tutorial by zcherozrodesidzAdoptable Tutorial by evilitachi

1. adoptables made with dollmakers must be free or draw-to-adopt
2. give credit to who made the lineart, even if you did it yourself
3. use the right folder
4. even non members can submit to free/drawtoadopt
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Am I allowed to post Linearts for sale?
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